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Credible Care

Since 2000, MTGI©’s team of U.S. physicians has been touring hospitals and developing relationships with highly skilled, board-certified, English-speaking surgeons and physicians throughout Mexico and Costa Rica.

Qualification criteria for physicians and surgeons selected for referral by MTGI© include:

• Affiliation with top hospitals with access to the best medical facilities and staff;
• Board Certified surgeons and specialists;
• Evidence of a surgeon’s surgical success rates, comparable or better than their U.S. counter. (MTGI© physcicians have attended operations abroad to evaluate each surgeon’s competence and skill);
• English speaking physicians;
• Training from reputable and certified Mexican, U.S., Canadian, or European institutions;
• Dedication to continuing medical education;
• Teaching and research experience;
• Members and fellows of medical societies in their respective fields;
• Compassionate bedside manner;
• Credentials: Each physician is asked to provide a copy of his or her medical license(s) and valid board certifications, which are verified through the Mexican Secretary of Health with the aid of Mexico’s Comité Normativo Nacional de Consejos de Especialidades Médicas (The National Standards Committee on Medical Specialist Boards).
• Every physician and surgeon is in good standing with their community and hospitals.

MTGI© physicians have inspected over 100 hospitals and surgical centers abroad, and choose only those which meet the following criteria:
• MTGI© seeks to work with hospitals that are fully accredited with the Joint Commission International (JCI). There are nine JCI hospitals in Mexico and three in Costa Rica – MTGI© is contracted to work with seven of the twelve.
JCI is a private sector, U.S.-based non-profit organization that stands by its mission statement: “To continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations.”
• A full evaluation of each hospital’s protocols, meeting standards of excellence in medical technology & facilities, up-to-date medical practices and research has been conducted;
• Every facility meets current, valid certification from the Mexican and Costa Rican health departments; including standards for maintenance and cleanliness.
• In 1994 the U.S. Department of Commerce estimated that Mexican importers of medical technology paid $100 million annually in tariff charges. The removal of these tariffs through NAFTA has left the Mexican healthcare system with additional funds to purchase and maintain sophisticated technology and equipment.

For the MTGI© Registered Patient Standard Medical Protocols are Followed On All Procedures
Whether it is a minor outpatient surgery or a more complicated kidney transplant, rigorous medical procedures are followed. Beginning in the patient’s hometown, pre-and post-surgery protocols are established with the patient’s physician/specialist to ensure the patient’s surgical readiness and long-term success.
Depending on the type of surgery performed, accommodations are made regarding length of stay and follow-up medical care required back home, once the patient is released.

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My name is Suzie Pozo, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. On June 11th I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I did the Sleeve surgery with Dr. Joya. It’s been almost 4 months ago that I went to do this wonderful surgery, and to tell you the truth now I have another life. The comments I receive daily, it’s just amazing. My self esteem is all the way up to heaven. I feel great.

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Suzie Pozo - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial