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Adrienne Stinson - Gallbladder Testimonial

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Gallbladder Surgery – My wife was recently diagnosed with Gall Bladder stones, requiring Gallbladder Surgery to remove her Gall Bladder. As we proceeded to make arrangements for the Gallbladder Surgery we were stopped dead in our tracks when we found out that the procedure would cost us at least $12,000!! In fact, the hospital wanted $6000 cash before they would even consider performing the operation. Our health insurance policy would cover only $1500, leaving a large financial burden for us to cover. Additionally, the surgeon we consulted was concerned that he may not be able to perform the Gall Bladder removal laparoscopically due to scar tissue from previous surgeries. He said he would try, but reserved the right to abandon the laparoscopic procedure midstream and perform a full incision surgery. We were not comfortable with this uncertainty so we opted to research possible alternatives.

I had heard of “Medical Tourism” and decided to check it out. I was impressed with the MedToGo International website, but was of course skeptical. I submitted an online inquiry and received a speedy response. I was given comprehensive information about the program and was told that I had four possible doctors that I could use in Mexico. Dr Joya in Puerto Vallarta caught my attention. His fee would be $4100 including everything related to the Gallbladder Surgery and hospital stay. I liked what I heard, but decided to research further. I had an attorney friend review the information I was emailed. I also called two families I know in Puerto Vallarta and had them ask their doctors what they knew about Dr Joya. All reports were excellent. Eventually we made arrangements to proceed with the surgery in Mexico.

Since we live in Phoenix, AZ we decided to do our preoperative appointment at MedToGo’s Tempe, AZ location. I paid the $4100 fee and then we headed to beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Of course, we wondered how things would turn out. What would the hospital be like? Would hidden fees turn up? Would Dr Joya be able to perform the surgery laparoscopically? Once we checked in to the Hospital, we were immediately impressed. It was modern and clean. The chaos of a typical American hospital was not there! We arrived at 8:00 am on the scheduled day, spent 20 minutes reviewing paperwork and we were taken to a private hospital room. Dr Joya came in, took a brief look at the previous surgery scars and assured us that there would be no problem with performing the procedure laproscopically. He told me to wait in the room and he would call me to let me know when the surgery was complete. Twenty minutes later he called, informed me that all was well and my wife would return to the room after a couple hours of post-op recovery. They kept her overnight and released her the next day. (in the US she would have been released the same day, something else we were not comfortable with) Our room had cable TV, a private restroom complete with a shower and I was able to spend the night there with my wife.

In summary, I will say that most people discover MedToGo because they are looking for a less expensive alternative. While this certainly proved true in our case (I paid exactly what I was quoted, not a penny more) it must also be acknowledged that the quality of care is far better than we would have received here in the US. It was a wonderful experience, I don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone and will definitely return to Mexico if any future surgical needs arise. Finally, I must also note that MedToGo International walks you through the entire process. The day before the surgery, the MedToGo coordinator contacted me to see if all was well (I was fishing in the Pacific at the time, so things were great!). He called me in our Hospital room while my wife was in recovery, just to see if we needed anything. And, he has made several follow up calls in the last four months since the surgery. The entire experience was wonderful and my wife is doing so much better!

Trevor Stinson

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