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Alan Andersen - Umbilical Hernia Testimonial

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MedToGo Selection Process

After an intense six month investigation and numerous phone calls, I finally chose MedToGo International as my medical tourism company to handle my umbilical hernia operation. Their expertise in understanding the Mexican health care system and vetting the best qualified doctors cinched the deal. I was not disappointed.

They recommended that I use Dr. Jose Casteneda, M.D. as my surgeon. His credentials were impeccable. A graduate of the University of Guadalajara Medical School, a top medical school, and his expertise in performing over 2,800 hernia operations (he not only has a private practice, but performs as a doctor in the Mexican health care system for those less fortunate). He also has specialized training in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery. His bedside manner was refreshing. He showed that he cared for me as a patient. In fact he tried contacting me 3 times after the operation at my Mexican resort to see how I was doing. I doubt you would get that kind of service in the U.S. from a doctor you had never met before and did not have a personal relationship.

I also had another doctor check me out after the operation for my own piece of mind. He said that Dr. Casteneda had done an excellent job. I would highly recommend both, Dr. Casteneda and MedToGo International to anyone. They are indeed top notch.


Alan Andersen

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About seven years ago while camping in Utah, I noticed a bulge in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t feel it and at night it went away. I realized I had a hernia and after the initial shock it was easy to live with it since I really couldn’t feel any discomfort. As the years wore on however, not only did the bulge get larger, I did begin to feel some discomfort.

It this point I began to inquire about surgery.

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