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Art Triant - Lap Band Testimonial

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Lap Band Surgery – My friends,

I have been this fat for almost twenty years, and after many different diets and supplements I ended up in Dr. Bob Page’s office. We talked about my problem and he suggested that I look into the lap band surgery as a procedure for lifetime weight loss. I took him up on it and even decided to have it done in Mexico (it seemed to be against my American principles to do that, but I did anyway).

The MedToGo office set up just about everything I needed, and so I was off to San Diego and then the border where someone in a minibus picked me and others up to take us to the hospital.

Having been in many hospital environments before, I was surprised as to how clean and organized it was. Everything went smoothly, and just about everyone on the professional staff spoke English. I can’t say that about the other hospital staff members, but I got through it.

The procedure and stay was uneventful, and I was off and running. For several months I never heeded any of my insulin and never felt hungry. Then I hit a plateau and found out that I needed a fill so [MedToGo co-founder] Dr. Curtis Page did this for me.

Since my Lap Band Surgery I have lost around forty pounds and am working on another forty. So, if I were to give anyone advice, I would say do this thing and you’ll never regret it.

Art Triant DMD.

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