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Brent Groesbeck - Broken Collar Bone & Rotator Cuff Repair

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Hi, I came down to Puerto Vallarta because I broke my collar bone and I had to have a plate put on it. I didn’t have any insurance so I looked up on the internet and found a service called MedToGo that put me in touch with an orthopedic surgeon here in Puerto Vallarta. Since I didn’t have any insurance I started looking for a reasonable service outside the country. I was a little leery about going out of the country but I got to looking on the internet and found Dr. Max Greig’s website and some other testimonials and testimonials from people that have used MedToGo services and I just felt real comfortable with it.

When we got down here and met how professional everybody was I felt at ease, the quality of the hospital, the private rooms, it was great, it was like a luxury hospital service. At the same time they worked on my clavicle I had bone spurs in my shoulder, so they also opened up my shoulder and took the bone spurs out and repaired the rotator cuff, so it was an all in one procedure, it’s healing fast and I feel good about it.

When we consulted with MedToGo, they said that for the operation I needed for an orthopedic surgeon, Mexico had probably the best prices for an all around surgical package. There was other options but the travel would start making it more cost prohibitive then coming to Mexico. I just really want to thank MedToGo for the service they provided, they have a great service that they take care of all the details and keep you informed on everything you should expect and all the details on what to bring, what to expect and the process of recovery. The package they put together covers everything from your hospital stay and all the details involved with medications, so the only thing you have is your surgical package and your airline cost. I hope I don’t have to ever go through this again, but it was a very pleasant experience and the peace of mind that I have going through it, I would recommend it to anybody.

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Ric Maddock – Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Ric Maddock - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial