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Bruce and Joye Flood - Mouth Restoration Testimonial

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Hello, my name is Bruce Flood, and I had a whole bunch of dental work done. I had all but 8 teeth worked on; I had 3 root canals, a tooth pulled, 2 bridges and there’s my teeth.

My name is Joye Flood, and I had 2 bridges, 2 implants, some teeth at the bottom straightened out, I had one tooth pulled, 2 root canals and veneers put it. That’s what I had done. I was glad we went and did it.

With all the work I had done (tooth pulled, root canals), not one day did I have to take a pain pill. I was fine; I didn’t feel anything when they worked on me, it was good.

I was shocked. I was totally shocked.

I was impressed with the whole establishment; they have their own lab there, they have everything there; they have, I think 38 people that work there, nice and clean. They picked you up at the airport, they picked you up at the hotel, took you to all your appointments, it was great.

Very nice; driver, everybody. Everybody was very nice.

MedToGo gave us our itinerary. They contacted the dentist. The dentist called us back, we had a three-way conversation with him, with MedToGo, the lady who takes care of all the arrangements, had everything all ready to go, the hotel lined up. It was great. We had the cost sheet already given to us. We sent him some dental X-rays and he informed us what we’re looking at.

Nothing was pushed on us. Everything was done according to what we wanted to have done.

It was a great experience. So, it’s been about a month since we had our dental work done, our surgeries, whatever. And when I got done and got all my teeth back in my mouth, the doctor told me go just go out and eat anything you want, but don’t eat rocks. And that’s the way it’s been. I’ve had no pain, everything’s been great. It’s the first time I’ve been able to chew for a long time without pain in my mouth and it’s been great. How about you?

Yep, it has been great. I would definitely do it again and recommend it. We have recommended it to other family members, friends, told them about it, and I’m sure they’ll call and go. And yes I would go do it again if I had to do it again.

You bet, I recommended it to everybody, and I already have it on my Facebook page.

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