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Carol Sisemore - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery – Puerto Vallarta Journal

I have to say, picking MedToGo International was probably the best move I could have ever made. From the first time I spoke to Robert Page, MedToGo Representative, I had a good feeling that these were professionals I was dealing with, later to find out they and team are much more. When I decided to go ahead with Hip Surgery in Puerto Vallarta it wasn’t simply all about money. It was about working with a team including Robert Page, Alfred Greig, and Dr. Max Greig.

From the beginning of my journey till now (6 days after surgery), they all have gone not 1 mile, but a million miles out of the way to make sure all went well from my trip to Mexico. The arrival, the place to stay, furnishing transportation from airport to hotel; to condo; to Dr. Greig’s office; to the Hospital, and unbelievable as this sounds, Dr. Castel personally driving us back to condo to make sure all was well, when discharged. How many places, companies, or people do you know will make sure you have all you need in a town you’ve never been to, providing all these services plus making sure cell phone or any other problem was resolved immediately if at all possible? I only know of one – Robert Page, Health Care Coordinator – MedToGo; Alfred Greig, Servimed Director; Dr. Max Greig, Orthopedic Surgeon (best surgeon I know); the staff at Premiere CMQ Hospital, Dr. Castel, General Medicine; Adriana Robin, Physical Therapist; and the whole team made this trip and surgery the most pleasant experience this 64 year old has ever had.

Everything went like clockwork with the usual changes one encounters in life. Total organization, and communication and again, I emphasize TEAMWORK. I am here to recommend all to anyone who would be considering MedToGo. I’ve never had such a pleasant experience, especially considering I speak very little Spanish, which I had help with also. I am composing an “Information List” of Helpful Hints prior to arriving. Things each individual considering MedToGo need to do to make their team complete. That will follow as I get stronger each day.

I have nothing but praise and admiration for the Puerto Vallarta people here and the team MedToGo has created. And by the way, My Hip Doesn’t hurt any more to walk. (muscles a bit sore but I can deal with that, I have a new hip). I am just trying to figure out a way to come back for my knee replacement, as I don’t want it done by any one else, anywhere else.

Thank you all!


Carol T. Sisemore, Conroe, Texas (north of Houston).
June 30, 2010

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