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Carol Smith - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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Hysterectomy Surgery – I feel MedToGo and Dr. Preciado saved my life and future. I became very scared for the future – “What should I do?”. Surgery in the states would be $25,000.” My good fortune that my neighbors told me about surgery in other counties. My first contact was with MedToGo and Robert Page. Being a nurse, I was very skeptical of going to Mexico for Hysterectomy Surgery. The information, assurance and quick response to my needs was incredible. In 3 weeks from the first call, I was on my way to saving my life.

My name is Carol Smith I am a Registered Nurse in Nebraska. I moved to Oklahoma in 2007. After waiting 18 months for my insurance to be effective for a pre-existing condition, BCBS refused to cover the cost of a hysterectomy. After another year, the tests came back more serious, that without surgery, in 6-12 months it could be cervical cancer. I would then need surgery and chemotherapy.
After 25 years of nursing and watching people go through the chemo and fighting process, this was not my choice. I would be looking at losing my life savings and possible life.

Robert Page gave me all the information and called to assure me that this was the best choice. And he was right. It was a good experience from the beginning to end. 7 days in Puerto Vallarta. Surgery is surgery..there will be discomfort, as in any surgery in the states or Mexico. Recovery is the key, mine was rapid and in a resort town. Even alone it is achievable.

Alfred and Elle being there to pick me up at the airport was such a comfort. Alfred is the tour/host/liaison that takes the fears away from the approaching Hysterectomy Surgery. His side kick Elli is a delight. Dinner on the beach and city tour was a real plus that you will not get in any state hospital.

May you save your own life and saving with MedToGo and have a vacation doing it. Carol Smith 918-852-9166

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Mercedes Otts - Hysterectomy Testimonial