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Cassandra S. - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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My name is Cassandra, I am 41 years old and I live in San Diego. I came to Puerto Vallarta to have a total hip replacement with Dr. Max Greig. My closest family knew how badly I needed the surgery and in a timely matter and they pitched in to help get me down here and some of them came with me. Some of my more distant relatives had some concerns about my safety in Mexico and that has not been an issue at all. I am really glad I came down here and had this because I really couldn’t wait the six months that they were asking me to wait in the US. The surgery was yesterday, I had a little pain at the site but my hip definitely feels new and I am excited to start using it. MedToGo coordinated my surgery, my experience with them was wonderful. I think I bothered them by contacting them every day but they made me feel like I wasn’t in a very good place because of the pain and the inability to move, and they really gave me my hope back, I will never forget that and I will always appreciate that. When MedToGo contacted me I remember having clicked a link on the internet but I was a little bit surprised to be contacted by a company that I had no prior relationship with and I will always be grateful that I picked the phone up that time. They told me they could help me get the hip replacement that I needed at a discounted price in Mexico, so I thanked them and I thought over it. As events unfolded and terrible things happened with my insurance company and I was in a very bad very dark place and MedToGo by really giving me an option they saved my life.

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I injured my hip when I was 14 yrs old and am now 44 yrs old. I finally had enough of the Canadian specialists refusing me surgery due to my age, even though x-rays clearly showed I was a candidate for a total hip replacement. I was tired of living in pain every day from the osteoarthritis in my hip so I got on the internet and through research found MedToGo and Robert Page. Through email and phone conversations we had I was confident that I found the right place.

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Cory Lyons - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial