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Robert McCarvill - Cataract Surgery Testimonial

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Cataract Surgery – I want to thank you for again providing me with first class medical care in Mexico. You may remember, my first operation was an inguinal hernia repair done in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and that went wonderfully, and I loved the city. If a hernia is a dangerous condition, my second health issue is frightening. I needed cataract surgery in my right eye as my vision was getting worse each month. I needed a third surgery in my left eye resulting from a detached retina that happened a year ago. I had two surgeries performed in Denver in 2008. The cataract surgery went flawlessly. This doctor had done over 2,000 cataract surgeries. He also does lasic and treats glaucoma related eye issues. The retina related surgery was more difficult, but also was very successful. That doctor had studied in the U.S. and interned in Houston. I can say that the surgeries were successful, because I saw my Denver doctor a few days ago, and he was happy with the results of the operations done in Mexico. My vision is very good and clear in my right eye and a contact lens can now correct the vision in my left eye.

These surgeries were done in Tijuana which is a city I have been to several times, but this time I saw an area of the city that was beautiful. Medical care is more personable in Mexico than in the US. For one surgery the doctor drove me off-site in his vehicle, and we talked sports and about cars we had owned. The hospital was first class, with a person assigned to assist international medical visitors. The Hotel was 5 star. The neighborhood was safe with a market, mall, and good restaurants.

Thank You. I hope not to have a new medical event, but if I do, I will call you first.


Robert McCarvill
Louisville, Colorado

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At the height of my obesity (around age 18) I was 313 pounds. My weight fluctuated but my average was about 290. A little over a year ago I got fed up with the struggle and decided to make a major life change with gastric sleeve surgery through MedToGo and Dr. Joya and couldn’t be happier with the results.

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