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Chris Hughes - Face Lift Testimonial

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My name is Chris Hughes. I’m from Branson, Missouri, and I came here to get a face lift. My doctor was Dr. Ceballos, and I came to CMQ Premier to have the procedure done. My experience with MedToGo International was wonderful. Robert was very informative. Everyone was very friendly. I was greeted at the airport, and it was a great experience.

My doctor was excellent, he was very friendly. He stayed in contact with me constantly after the procedure, and it was a great experience, and I healed fast.

I feel like I look great. My procedure was about 30 days ago. I’ve been hanging out in Mexico enjoying myself ever since then. I love the way I look. My friends, my family are all excited. They thought I looked fantastic, and I really feel young again. So, I’m enjoying Mexico. I’ve come to Puerto Vallarta many times. I always feel safe here. It’s a beautiful location. I’m ocean front, beautiful city, lots of things to do, lots of shops, lots of activity.

This is the second procedure that I’ve had here. I had a hysterectomy here a year ago through MedToGo, and I had an excellent experience. So, when it came time for me to choose another surgery, it was pretty easy. This is where it was gonna go.

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