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Christina Bryant - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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My name is Christina Bryant, I am having a hysterectomy, with Dr. Preciado. It was a pre existing condition and my insurance was not going to pay anything for the surgery, my deductible was $15,000, so we checked online and we found MedToGo and found out they were a very reputable company. We talked to Robert online and he got back to us very quick, he was very informative, he gave us good information and I felt very safe and secure that this was a good choice for us. It was an affordable choice, it wasn’t something that was going to bankrupt us and the care here is better than what I would have got in the United States by far.

This is the second day after my hysterectomy surgery, I had Dr. Preciado. He was very good, he came in this morning and saw me and checked everything, I’m doing fine, I’m up walking around, I feel good and no pain. The hospitals are absolutely beautiful, the food was good, I had my own room, the people were really nice. I was never left in pain, if I hurt a little bit I had someone instantly that would be in the room to help me and they were all just really really good and friendly, everyone was upbeat and smiling and happy, you didn’t feel like you were in a stress environment or anything like that you feel in the states sometimes, that kind of like hectic stress. It was calm, my room was really quit. I’m ready to enjoy Mexico now for a few weeks while I recover. I’m getting ready to go home, two days after, second day out of surgery and I’m feeling pretty good about this.

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