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Claudelle L'Ecuyer Gastric Bypass Surgery Testimonial

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Gastric Bypass Surgery – June 2006 found me in Hermosillo, Mexico, having weight loss (Gastric Bypass) surgery. This is a procedure I had hoped to have in the U.S. but when I researched the possibility I found it was far too expensive. The cost in Mexico was one half of the fee in Arizona.

I consulted Dr. Robert Page, my primary physician, because I knew of his familiarity with surgeons and hospitals in Mexico and I had read his excellent book on Medicine in Mexico. He agreed that this Gastric Bypass surgery was important to my health and began the process of arranging for the procedure.

Dr. Curtis Page accompanied my husband and me to Hermosillo. He introduced me to the surgeon, a fine man with a great reputation in Mexico. The hospital was wonderful. Much like our American hospitals, the staff was professional and the nurses were every bit skilled as those I had experienced in Arizona.

My Gastric Bypass surgery went off without a hitch and the next day we drove back to Arizona. Last month I returned to Hermosillo for my one year check up. Dr. Robert Page met us at the hospital and learned the “fill” procedure so that he can perform necessary fills for patients who have this surgery in Mexico.

I was very pleased with this experience, the hospital, staff, and doctors and the care and attention I received from both Dr. Robert Page and his son, Dr. Curtis Page.

Claudelle L’Ecuyer

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