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Colleen B. - Lap Band Testimonial

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MedToGo arranged my lap band surgery in Tijuana, Mexico in November of 2008. I admit I was a bit hesitant (Tijuana?!) but I trust my doctor and he had faith in the surgeon and hospital in Tijuana so I went ahead. MedToGo made all the arrangements except my flight, and everything was prepared in advance when I checked in to the hospital. I literally walked in, met with a nurse for a few minutes, and was prepped for my Lap Band Surgery. The hospital was the cleanest one I’ve ever been in and every bit as well appointed as any US hospital. My surgeon, Dr Lopez, was an exceptionally caring man and my surgery went exactly as expected. The rest of hospital staff was also very caring and it seemed to me that there was at least one English speaker on every shift.

I’ve lost 102 pounds in two years, am happier than I’ve ever been, have more energy, more joie de vivre than ever before. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. My (non-medical) opinion is that it’s an extremely worthwhile investment in one’s health and future. I don’t have to go through the rest of my life being miserable about my weight! If you are considering going with MedToGo for bariatric surgery, STOP! Stop considering it, and get it done!

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At the end of May, 2013, with the great help from MedToGo International, I flew to Puerto Vallarta to begin a new life. I was not disappointed. Dr. Joya and his staff were amazing. All my questions concerning the surgery were answered and information about diet and exercise after surgery was easy to understand and follow. I felt confident and relaxed for my surgery.

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