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Company History

MedToGo, LLC began in August of 2000 as the brainchild of Robert H. Page, MD. Having completed his medical studies in Mexico at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 1971 and his family practice residency in the United States, Dr. Page had a unique understanding of both medical systems. Over the years, traveling between countries, he found himself in the unique position of aiding Americans unfamiliar with Mexican Healthcare and Mexicans unfamiliar with American healthcare.

In 2000 after his son Curtis P. Page, MD finished his residency and his other son Robert R. Page returned from a his work as an economic investigator in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Page had the team he needed to launch MedToGo International. Their initial project was to research, write and self publish the Mexico: Health and Safety Travel Guide (2004), a book that mapped Mexico’s health care system and directed expats in Mexico to trustworthy and skilled healthcare solutions. They then published the Yucatan: Healthy Traveler’s Handbook in 2005 and the 2nd Edition to the Mexico: Health and Safety Travel Guide (2007).

During this time they had been learning more and more about the burgeoning global Medical Tourism industry. Initially they chose not to get involved as they were determined to focus exclusively on their book publishing efforts. In 2005 Dr. Page had helped a few patients have minor surgery in Hermosillo, Mexico, but it wasn’t until 2006 when a friend and patient of Dr. Page’s approached him after being rejected by his insurance for Total Knee Replacement surgery that MedToGo solidly decided to plunge into the Medical Tourism industry. The cost for the Total Knee Replacement would be more than $55,000 and Dr. Page knew he could get the cost down to 1/4 of that price in Mexico with an excellent surgeon. As was anticipated the surgery went off without a hitch, the patient recovered in half the time expected and both the surgeon and patient were thrilled at the opportunity. Now the real work would begin. The founders were determined that if they were going to assist Americans and Canadians with their surgical needs in Mexico, it would only be if they could provide them with the same (or better) quality of healthcare in Mexico that they could provide them in the patients’ home towns. The objective was not to provide “cheap” international surgery, but instead to provide excellent healthcare that was affordable. On this principle they have not bent.

Since 2006 MedToGo has successfully helped 100’s of patients to receive life improving or life saving medical care much more affordable than they would in the US and much more timely than it would be in Canada or in other countries with socialized medical care. In 2010 MedToGo expanded to provide surgical options in Costa Rica, a country with an equally skilled healthcare system and competitive pricing.

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