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Conchetta Procopio - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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Hysterectomy Surgery – Born and raised in Canada, I have lived in the United States with my husband and four children for eight years. Last year, during a regular check-up, my family doctor determined that I needed a hysterectomy.

Not having insurance, I researched having the procedure done in the U.S. and was overwhelmed by the cost. A friend recommended I contact MedToGo to have my hysterectomy surgery done in Mexico. I was reluctant at first, but after reviewing the doctors and hospitals proposed by MedToGo, I included their program among my batch of options.

Principal factors to me were the safety and cost of the procedure. Considering both I had decided to learn more about where I would go, what the hospital was like and what MedToGo knew about the surgeon.

I concluded that the care offered through their Medical Tourism program was just as good as anything in the U.S. or Canada. I additionally took comfort in MedToGo’s course of research over the years of Mexican health care and in their relationship with this hospital’s administrator and surgeons.

Upon making my decision, Dr. Page prepared my medical records and set the appointment for me to meet the hospital administrator and surgeon.

My inability to speak a word of Spanish was initially a concern for me. Fortunately the MedToGo liaison and surgeon spoke perfect English. There is something to be said about the universal language of facial expressions and body language. The staff could sense I was nervous and there was never a moment when they did not take the time to comfort me both before and after the procedure.

Dr. Page and the MedToGo staff accompanied me throughout each and every step of the hysterectomy procedure, including the post-operative care months after my return to the United States. The hysterectomy surgery was a great success, and as an aside the cost was one-third of that in the U.S. and Canada.

Due to the research and dedication that Dr. Page provided me in my case I not only had a successful hysterectomy surgery in Mexico, but I was illuminated to the prospect of continuing medical procedures in Mexico for the ones I love – my family.

The staff was very supportive and attentive, and the reminder of my stay at the hospital was very comfortable. When I returned home the surgeon personally called me several times during the first week of my recovery.

My hysterectomy surgery follow-up care was done in the United States. Everything went better than I could have ever anticipated and I am so very grateful to Dr. Page for providing this route, as it not only saved us an incredible amount of money but was a real awakening about health care in Mexico.

Conchetta Procopio
Gilbert, Arizona

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