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Safety & Security


YES! Costa Rica is considered the safest country in Central America. One of the reasons that Costa Rica continues to be one of the world’s top destinations for eco-tourism and medical travel is because a visitor can feel completely safe exploring all of the country.

Costa Ricans are honest and friendly people. A common saying is: “Pura Vida” (translated means, “Pure Life”). One defining characteristic is the lack of a standing army and outsanding education system. Wealth is evenly distributed when compared to North America or European countries. Extreme poverty is rare and this translates into low crime.

As in every country you must be smart and use good judgment when travelling into the wilderness. Remember that Costa Rica is extremely bio-diverse, and that critters abound! Ask for advice from tour guide or hotel managers before heading off the beaten path.


Wealthy people stay at hotels and this can attract some petty criminals so make sure to lock your doors and watch your belongings. Almost every hotel has safety deposit boxes in the room, use them!!


San Jose has had some problems in previous years, part of the growing pains of an ever increasing travel population. It has all but disappeared now. However, a few safety tips that you would use in ANY big city should be used…
1. don’t flash large amounts of money
2. keep your hands on your camera, only carry it when you need it
3. wear less jewelry; don’t advertise wealth
4. don’t get drunk in public
5. don’t walk around in secluded areas of the city at night

Areas to Avoid

The U.S. Consulate recommends avoiding areas with high concentrations of bars and nightclubs, especially at night. Be extra careful in the Zona Roja region of San Jose, in and around the Coca Cola Bus Terminal.

Beaches that are known for riptides:

• Espadilla at Manuel Antonio
• Jacó
• Dominical Beach

Beaches that are considered the safest in Costa Rica are:

• Playas Rajada and Jobo near La Cruz
• Bahía Junquillal Wildlife Refuge
• Play Hermosa in northern Guanacaste
• Plays del Coco
• Sámara
• Carillo
• Bahía Ballena/Tambor
• Beacheson the Golfo Dulce between Puerto Jimenez and Golfito
• The third beach at Manuel Antonio
• Little Dominicalito in Dominical
• Uvita

Important Contacts:

For police emergencies, dial 911
To call the police directly, dial 117
To contact the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, call (506) 519-2000, or (506) 519-2280 after hours

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Once again you came through for me. Thank you very much and pass my thanks again to Doctor Joya. What a brilliant man you have on your team.

As a gesture of my appreciation I will give you my phone number and feel free to pass it along to any of your future clients. I would be glad to share my experience. 715 209 7268

So long for now my friend, we will keep in touch.

Tim Sullivan

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