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David Cornatzer - Inguinal Hernia Testimonial

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Hello, My name is Vanessa Brooks I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend, David Cornatzer.

For almost 8 months my boyfriend would be in pain out of pain, just miserable. So I got online and started researching for “hernia repair”, due to not having insurance – it was really hard, we were on a budget, and it wasn’t looking too good. I ran across MEDTOGO International with Robert Page’s photo so I began to read some of the testimonials and gave him a call.

I was so glad I did; he gave us that ease of going to a different country and having surgery. Everyone thought that we were crazy. Hey, we thought we were crazy, but we did it and LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it..

The Doctor Was GREAT!!!!

Doing my research for the Hernia surgery here in the US, it would total to the amount of $30,400 dollars. Yes, that’s a lot and who can really afford that? $10,000 surgeon fee, 8,800 for operation and OR cost,anesthesia and doctors fees plus 50 dollars per prescription
BUT !!!

Talking to Robert and him doing all the work, which to be honest was great.. The total for everything was 4,000 plus his fee of 225 but I will tell you what, I would do it again if I had to..
The Doctor took his time and talked to me through everything, my boyfriend about 10 years ago had a hernia surgery and he was in so much pain afterwards it was unreal and this time 0 pain, no pain pills, nothing, just a lot of rest and taking it easy..

Thanks Robert for everything that you did and have done for us, keeping in touch with us even after the surgery just being there…David Cornatzer said that if there is anyone that wants or needs any advice or anything about the company or the doctor we had or where we stayed, please don’t hesitate to call him. Thanks for everything, be blessed. 904 374 4564

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I just wanted to thank you and your Father Robert Page Sr. for recommending MedToGo for my hernia surgery in Puerto Vallarta which was as advertised.

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