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David Leo - Shoulder Dislocation Testimonial

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Shoulder Dislocation Surgery – I am writing on behalf of David Leo as well as Debbie and myself.

We are all very grateful for the excellent care David received during our recent visit to Puerto Vallarta for shoulder dislocation surgery. Robert Page (MedToGo) provided us with all necessary details to initiate the process and has consistently followed-up to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Alfred was, of course, very helpful in assisting us with the many details when we arrived in PV. All of the hospital and lab staff were professional, courteous and helpful throughout the entire visit. And clearly, we are wholly pleased with the clear communication and explanations that you provided before the procedure.

David, Debbie and I are all confident that my shoulder dislocation surgery will yield a satisfactory result. The stitches were removed two weeks after the surgery; and David has, in fact, begun to expand his therapy as you indicated. He has an appointment scheduled with our family physician in a few days and we hope to get a referral for physio therapy at that time.

Shoulder Dislocation Surgery – Important note regarding insurance claims:

Our provincial health plan (Alberta Health and Wellness) indicated that they will cover a portion of practitioner and hospital charges; however, their requirements are very specific regarding itemized statements on official letterhead.

David’s Shoulder Dislocation Surgery included:
May 17: Pre-surgical examination with Dr. Max Greig
May 18: Lab work (Cilva)
May 18: X-Rays (Cilva)
May 18: MRI’s (Cilva)
May 18: Pre-surgical plan appointment with Dr. Max Greig (based upon lab work, X-Rays and MRI’s)
May 19: Pre-operative preparation at CMQ Premier Hospital (Including anesthesia)
May 19: Surgery on David’s right shoulder by Dr. Max Greig
May 19-20: Post-surgical hospitalization for 24 hours
May 20: Released from CMQ Premier Hospital
May 23: Post-surgical follow-up appointment with Dr. Max Greig

Alberta Health and Wellness requires:
“Clear copies of itemized statements of practitioner and hospital charges on an official statement or letterhead”
“All bills in a foreign language must be translated into English”

Again, thanks for the excellent care.

Harold Leo

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