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Derek V - Lap Duodenal Switch Testimonial

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Lap Duodenal Switch Surgery – To those considering MedToGo International’s services,

It is easy to say a person, and a company, did well when everything goes right. It is an entirely different, and more extraordinary thing to say they handled themselves well when things do not go according to plan.

Lap Duodenal Switch Surgery – In June of last year I used the services of MedToGo international to save money on a voluntary surgery in Mexico. The transaction went very smooth, and once in Mexico I received top notch medical care. In early July of this year things went very wrong.

One night I started a severe case of hematemesis (vomiting blood). I rushed to the emergency room and exploratory surgery was performed. During the surgery the problem was found to be a very, very rare side effect of the surgery that was performed in Mexico. It was not a result of any negligence on the part of the doctors who performed the original operation, or the hospital that I stayed in while there.

A stitch line inside my stomach had been eaten away by an ulcer, which had then worked through and eaten through an artery. During the exploratory operation, I began to bleed so excessively that I died on the table. After resuscitating and temperately stabilizing me, I was transferred to another surgeon, who did not understand the operation I had performed in Mexico.

My family was told that I would probably not survive the next operation. None of the few doctors in the world who perform the surgery could be contacted. I do not know who called Robert Page and the MedToGo International staff, but having the extra point of contact in MedToGo probably saved my life.

Mr. Page was able to contact the surgeon that performed the procedure, and he was in turn able advise the new doctor.

A very major surgery followed, and I spent 29 days in the hospital. During this time I received regular phone calls from Mr. Page, and the surgery center in Mexico. I knew that they were concerned with my well-being, and it was greatly appreciated.

So it is easy for me to say that I appreciate all the work that MedToGo International did for me up to my original Lap Duodenal Switch Surgery. It is extraordinary for me to be able to say how well they handled themselves after things went wrong. I cannot begin to say how highly I recommend using their service.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at (775) 842-0278.


Derek Vanderhoof

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