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Don Anderson - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

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Dr. Greig completed a total knee replacement on my right knee in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on April 4, 2014. Logistics and coordination for the surgery was done by Robert Page with MedToGo in Phoenix, Arizona.

The entire experience, for me, was outstanding. Dr. Greig’s skill, professionalism, and very personable manner resulted in an excellent result. With a lot of help from Adriana, Dr. Greig’s physiotherapist and some follow up when I got home, my recovery has been complete and I was back to all regular activities within 3 months of surgery.

Robert Page did an excellent job of arranging and facilitating my initial interview with Dr. Greig. He was the interface between myself, Dr. Greig, and the hospital in getting the surgery arranged for a day that fit my schedule and then coordinating all aspects of our trip to Mexico and home again.

I am extremely satisfied with my new knee, with Dr. Greig, and with MedToGo. If I need my other knee replaced I will definitely ask Dr. Greig to do the surgery.

Don Anderson
Vernon, B.C.

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I’m Lee Ann Weaver from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I came down for a total knee replacement. I decided to look into medical tourism when I found out what it was going to cost in the States. We’re self employed, and our insurance for the last 8 or 9 years, we had the same policy, the rates kept going up, and we had to keep adjusting the deductibles went up also. And we couldn’t go anywhere else because I had knee surgery earlier, and it was a pre-existing condition, so I couldn’t find another carrier.

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LeAnn Weaver - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial