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Dorothy Ngyuen - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

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August 23, 2013 (3 months post-op)

At the end of May, 2013, with the great help from MedToGo International, I flew to Puerto Vallarta to begin a new life. I was not disappointed.

Dr. Joya and his staff were amazing. All my questions concerning the surgery were answered and information about diet and exercise after surgery was easy to understand and follow. I felt confident and relaxed for my surgery.

The surgery went well and after a short two-day stay I was able to return to my hotel. I had very little discomfort and was able to go out sight-seeing just three short days after surgery. But the best part of it all is that as of the day of my surgery, I was no longer having issues with diabetes. I had been an insulin dependent diabetic for over 12 years, and suddenly, I was no longer in need of any insulin or medication to control my blood sugar levels. It has been three months and I still have normal blood sugar readings. It is so amazing that I don’t have to puncture my stomach with a needle everyday anymore!

So much of my life has improved over these past few months. I can now walk up a flight of stairs without sweating and breathing hard, my bedside table isn’t full of medications and I have begun taking exercise classes and ENJOYING them. I have a lot more energy when I wake up in the mornings now, I used to feel so tired even after sleeping a full 8 hours. Now if I get 6 I’m fired up!

My preferences for certain foods are changing. I was never a fish eater before, but now I crave it! I have learned that if I eat anything sweet, I get heartburn and nausea, so I don’t want sweets anymore! I do still struggle with food addiction, it had been my great comforter for over 40 yrs, but now, I am beginning to realize more and more that it was a false comfort. I am comforting myself more now with exercise, and prayer.

I’ve realized that over the past 30 yrs or so, I had been a great caregiver, to everyone but myself. I have decided that I am worth taking care of too! I am so grateful to MedToGo International for giving me the tools I needed to start building my new life!

My experience could not have been better.

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Hi my name is Teresa Jenneman, I am from Wisconsin. I heard about MedToGo from doing research on the computer. I got in contact with Robert Page and he gave me all the information and he was so very helpful. I had the gastric sleeve surgery, I am recovering really well. The doctors here are great, the nurses are great, and I’m doing good.

I’m three days post-op and I am felling so much better and no pain, I’m up walking and feeling much better.

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Teresa Jenneman - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial