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Felicia Ross - Abdominal Hysterectomy Testimonial

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My name is Felicia Ross, I came here to have a total abdominal hysterectomy. Dr. Preciado was good, the nurses were very attentive. Alfred and his wife, loved them, great as well and very helpful. As far as the procedure, it was a procedure, it went the way it should have went, the facilities were clean and I wasn’t too nervous. It was a bigger procedure than I expected because I think I am superwoman and it could heal right away, but it’s getting better, everyday it gets better.

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, the outcome should be good , so far everything is going good. Like I said it was more than what I expected, I thought it would be real easy but it was a bit tough because of previous surgeries I have had, but so far everything is good. The cost here versus the cost at home was maybe a one third of what I would have paid at home, and that on the bottom end I could have paid a lot more at home. It was at CMQ Premier Hospital and like I said it was clean and that what’s important to me it was clean. From my experience here they seem to take care of people no matter what, the people are taken care of. At home sometimes it depends on who you know is how well you get taken care of. I would say to anybody that is thinking about coming don’t be afraid of going somewhere else, these are doctors with credentials and it’s a safe place to come. I would come back and I would recommend other people.

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