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Frances Koonce - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery – My name is Frances Koonce and, thanks to MedToGo International, I have dropped 110 lbs. in 7 months. Like everyone else when you think about traveling abroad for a major surgery fear steps in.

MedToGo’s health care coordinator was available anytime to answer all concerns. Even now after all is said and done I can say it was too easy. My hospital stay in Angeles was unbelievable. The US could learn a lot from them about medical care. The staff spoke little English but somehow knew your every need. (there are translators). One staff member even let us use his laptop. Like I said, “unbelievable”.

My Gastric Sleeve Surgery went very well. Honestly, If I did not have the scars I would tell you I did not go through this surgery. I had not trouble whatsoever. I did not even require pain medication after leaving.

My life is still changing daily. I now walk 5 miles a day and have energy like I was a teenager again. My only wish is that I had not waited so long to live. I still have about 50 more pounds to go, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank You MedToGo.

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Elena Vykhovanets – Gastric Sleeve Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Elena Vykhovanets - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial