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Sign up for our free bi-monthly e-newsletter. Each edition will feature a top Mexico destination and include advice on how to travel safe and healthy. We will also include health lifestyle content and will cover a number of expatriate health and safety issues in the featured city. We invite you to explore all the wonders of Mexico with peace of mind and health?

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Newsletter Topics:

MEXICO HEALTH DEBATE: Purchasing pharmaceuticals in Mexico; Why are procedures and treatments readily available in Mexico but not yet cleared by the US FDA?; Hypberbaric Medicine – A viable option?; Dental care in Mexico – How to find reliable doctors.

SAFETY & SECURITY: Hurricane safety guide, flood safety guide, safety for women travelers, CPR guide, driving the Mexican highways.

TRAVEL HEALTH: Travel for dialysis patients; preventing traveler’s diarrhea; dive related issues; traveling with heart disease; traveling with diabetes; HIV and travel.

CITY HEALTH UPDATES: New hospitals and clinics, new doctors, US social security in Mexico; Changes in Mexican or city health policies; illness breakouts; beach contamination; air pollution.

EXPAT ISSUES: Purchasing expatriate health insurance; building a hurricane or flood safe home; elderly care; Acquiring Mexican social security.

INSIDER STORY: Exclusive interview with long-time local resident of focus city.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES: Local lifestyle Interests – Outdoor Adventure; Temazcal; The powers of Mayan healing; Local health cuisine; hiking, biking, trekking.

MEDTOGO UPDATES: announcement of new books, services, and website features.

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I looked at pricing at that point and looked at various other options and became aware of the MedToGo option through my relationship with the Page Family Practice. I did some price comparisons. There were significant advantages to the price, so I researched it in more detail and became comfortable over time with the option.

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