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Gary Jarvis - Knee Replacement Testimonial

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Knee Replacement Surgery – My name is Gary Jarvis. I live in Westlock, Alberta, Canada. Canada has great health care programs, especially in Alberta. My problem was the wait time. I had waited for 14 months to get a knee replacement surgery and was told that it would be another 6-7 months “before my number would be called.” I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and being told that it would be another long wait. I decided to look elsewhere.

I googled knee replacement surgery and the MedToGo web site came up. I e-mailed them asking for more info and they replied very quickly, followed by a phone call. We corresponded back and forth. I asked what to expect, what it would cost, how clean were the hospitals, where was the knee surgeon educated and trained, how well trained was the nursing staff, how long would I be in Mexico, etc. My questions were answered and my confidence grew in what Mr. Robert Page told me.

Everything he said was right on the mark. I was met at the airport in Hermosillo, Mexico, taken to my very nice hotel, the next morning they picked me up and took me to the hospital where I met the whole surgical and nursing staff. Shortly after, I was wheeled into the operating room and my knee was totally replaced.

I was taken back to the hotel where I began my convalescing (with a walker) all the while doing leg exercises and stretches. The surgeon, Dr. Inigo, was into see me 3-4 times each day while at the hotel. The nursing staff was with me 24 hours a day. The care and compassion that I received was amazing.

My knee has healed very well. Within a couple of weeks of the surgery, I had over 110 degrees of flexibility. I am very happy with the job done, the care I received and all the follow-up with the MedToGo office. Thank you MedToGo and thank you Robert Page.

Gary Jarvis

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