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Heila E. Gibb - Knee Arthroscopy Testimonial

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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery – I pay tribute to Dr. Iñigo, a dedicated and brilliant surgeon and doctor. A caring perfectionist, his patients need never have doubts or fears regarding their surgeries that they will recieve the best of care. Known internationally for his expertise and lectures, he is a world renowned surgeon and is continually researching and improving his skills and knowledge.

My knee was injured in a vehicle accident. I walked many months in pain until my physician Dr. Robert Page advised me to have knee surgery. I was perturbed, needless to say, as I did not have medical insurance.

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery – With Dr. Robert Page’s recommendation and belief in Dr. Iñigo I went to Hermisillo, Mexico.

I met Dr. Inigo and again my knee and my state of health was checked out. Dr. Iñigo does not ever take chances. The patient is handled with kid gloves….I had my Knee Arthroscopy Surgery, I was astounded – straight after the surgery I had no pain!!!!! I had no discomfort at all. I could walk straight away…absolutely amazing and incredible….. The hospital was modern and as good if not better than some of the hospitals in the U.S.A. The nurses and staff were warm and caring..They could not praise Dr. Iñigo enough.

My recovery was rapid. Dr. Iñigo kept in touch with me regularly when I returned to the U.S.A., keeping tabs on my recovery and my progress. He made sure I was doing my exercises and that I received Physical Therapy.

My leg is perfect today – it is as if I never had Knee Arthroscopy Surgery. Younger friends of mine have had knee surgeries and have not recovered as well as I have or have the range of motion as I have. Not to be able to walk or run is devastating especially as we mature in age – knowing Dr. Iñigo and his skills – what a HERO he is to me and I know many patients will stand up and praise this man for what he does for those who are in pain and he gives his all to help them heal and be strong again.


Your ardent supporter and grateful patient.


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