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How We Rate Our Hospitals

Note: Our rating system is based on our individual examinations of all the medical facilities included in our work. We have evaluated them and independently established our own criteria (see below) by which to inform the public as to what they might expect at these medical facilities.

Visitors to Mexico can be assured that they will find that the quality of health care in most major cities and large towns is comparable to quality health care in most major medical centers in the United States or Canada. In particular, hospitals in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, their facilities and staff, are among the finest in the world. We found ourselves very impressed as we toured many of these hospitals. Those in major cities are much more advanced than hospitals/clinics in small rural towns.

The medical facilities in Veracruz, Queretaro, Morelia, Leon, Merida, Hermosillo, Mazatlan and Puebla are examples of smaller cities with major specialty hospitals that are testimony to the progress and pride of the Mexican medical community.

Our rating system is intended to assist the visitor in understanding the level of medical care that can be expected from a hospital.

5/5 – All major and minor medical care available including:

  • All medical specialties
  • Complete radiology, including CT Scan and MRI
  • 24-hour emergency room staff

  • Modern ICU with 24-hour medical staff
  • Hospitalization and excellent supporting staff
  • Advanced trauma and life-support capabilities
  • Cardiovascular catheterization and cardiovascular surgery

4.5/5 – All of the above, except that a cardiovascular team is not on site, but instead brought in to perform procedures.

4/5 – All of the above, except that no cardiovascular surgery is available. Patients with cardiovascular problems are stabilized and transported to an outside hospital.

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