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Jack Brooks - Rotator Cuff Repair surgery Testimonial

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Rotator Cuff – The best way for me to concisely convey my MedToGo experience is to relate how it was with my injury, what transpired using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator, and how it is today, back home, as I write these words:

I’d severely torn my right rotator cuff, as diagnosed by a local Orthopedic Surgeon, and the only option was surgical repair. The costs of having this done locally, meaning an hour and a half of hospital time, Orthopedic Surgeon, Anesthesologist, medications, etc. came to, at a minimum, $20,000. I was assured this was an optimistic figure at best; it would most likely be much higher. This was out of the question; I had to find a much more economically feasible alternative or face being permanently disabled.

I’d heard good things about medical care in Mexico, but my experience in the ‘70’s of our kids encountering a corpse washed up on the beach during a Rosarito Beach vacation weekend, as well as reading of the more recent drug wars, made me highly uncomfortable about the prospect. After searching on the Internet for “medical care in mexico,” MedToGo’s website prominently appeared and after I’d read the comprehensive information on it, I was willing to investigate further. It was shortly after contacting MedToGo that I told my MedToGo health care coordinator of my great anxiety, comparing it to going to a “war zone” for medical care.

He was most reassuring, and after I’d spoken to a previous MedToGo client who’d had a knee replacement in Puerto Vallarta (coincidentally, by the same surgeon and hospital I used) and who told me of his complete satisfaction with MedToGo’s services and the superior quality of the medical treatment that he’d received, I became slightly more at ease. After I’d chosen that same Orthopedic Surgeon and hospital for my rotator cuff surgery, and I’d sent my tests, scans, and local surgeon’s evaluation to MedToGo for treatment analysis, they quoted me a cost that was a fraction of the one I’d obtained locally. I was also told that it included all medical treatment, hospital, medications, aftercare in Mexico and MedToGo costs. I had to ask him to repeat it again in more detail, as I couldn’t believe my ears.

At that point we settled on dates and MedToGo then found me the accommodations and air travel parameters I’d specified at a very good cost (so I was told by my world-travelling friends), and I readied myself for this new adventure with my detailed MedToGo Patient Information Package in hand.

After deplaning in Puerto Vallarta, I was greeted by a large sign with my name, leading me to my Orthopedic Surgeon’s representative, who took me to my hotel, explaining the details of what was coming. I rested the first day in PV, and the next day, I met my Orthopedic Surgeon for the pre-op consultation. In a warm, friendly, unhurried and professional manner, he answered all my questions about my surgery scheduled for the following day, then we went on to more casual conversation about PV and ourselves. I was unused to such warmth from medical professionals!

I was taken to the hospital the next day and after being made comfortable, met again with my surgeon just before surgery, and began the sedation. I awoke after surgery in a clean and well ordered room, with a nurse asking how I felt, explaining the IV supplement and pain management, and showing me the Call button, with instructions to press it if there was anything I needed. It was only when I did press it and a nurse was at my side in less than 30 seconds (every time, without fail) did I begin to appreciate the level of care I was being given.

My surgeon wished to monitor my post-surgical condition closely, so I was in the hospital for 2 days per his orders. His medical assistant, also a physician, soon met me in my hospital room and began the aftercare process. Then, after it was decided I could safely leave the hospital, I was set up with the prescribed medications and taken back to my hotel. My Physical Therapist came to see me shortly thereafter and started me on a regimen of mild but important post-op exercises and muscle stimulation, which she gradually increased in her daily visits. The surgeon’s medical assistant noted above came regularly to monitor my recovery, change my surgical dressing, and afterwards have delightful conversation. This made me greatly look forward to all of my aftercare professional’s visits!

As I continued to recover, I began to explore Puerto Vallarta, riding the bus into Old Town and walking on the beachfront Malecón walkway, dining at the seafood restaurants that are everywhere in PV, looking at shops and galleries and talking to local residents (both natives and expats alike) in my mangled Spanglish. I felt as if I had gone to a different world of warmth and acceptance; as I look back, I cannot recall one moment of negativity or hostility.
“War zone,” indeed!

On the last day before my departure, my surgeon, medical assistant, and physical therapist all met me to be sure I understood my aftercare requirements when back home and to assure me, as they and MedToGo had many times, that I only need call and I could get any questions that I may have answered.

So today I’m getting better, as I will tomorrow, and I follow my doctors orders, given with so much care and concern, to the letter. Doing so, I’ve been assured that in 2 or 3 months I’ll have full functionality of my shoulder.

I hope this gives a clear and accurate sketch of this very healing, meaningful, and deep journey; it’s one that I’ll never forget. I’m so very grateful that I called MedToGo to begin it.

John S. (Jack) Brooks

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