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Janice Saridakis - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial

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Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery – Dear MedToGo:

Dr Greig is a very special Surgeon and I can’t recommend him enough! In fact I have recommended him to quite of few people! His entire staff is excellent and extremely caring. I can’t say enough good things about his team. People I don’t even know ask me where I’ve had the Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery and are quite surprised that I had it in Puerto Vallarta.His Physical Therapy staff is excellent much better than what I’ve had in the states – he knows what he’s doing! I am now fully recovered with no pain at all. I highly recommend Dr. Greig and if ever I need surgery again he would be at the top of the list!

Thank you for all your help…


Jan Saridakis

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Preston Angel – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Preston Angel - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial