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Jill M. - Gallbladder Surgery Testimonial

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Gallbladder Surgery – We had a very good experience, overall. Dr. Joya’s assistant, Nathalie was very friendly and helpful; her English was very good which made it easier for us to understand what to expect, etc. Dr. Joya was kind and did a fine job – I’ve had no problems whatsoever after my Gallbladder Surgery, except for a sore arm from the IV. :) The other doctor (the internal medicine Dr.) was super friendly and made jokes, etc. He had a wonderful “bedside manner”, so the two of them made a good team.

The hospital was very clean, the staff friendly (though the nurses were not English speakers so that made it a little tricky – but between my tiny knowledge of Spanish and their tiny knowledge of English, we were able to communicate the essentials). The best part was just being in PV and being able to rest and relax in such a wonderful environment.

Thanks for all your help coodinating everything. I would recommend MedToGo to someone needing gall-bladder surgery!

Jill M.

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Merry Farmer Testimonial of her Gallbladder surgery using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Merry Farmer - Gallbladder Testimonial