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Jim Black - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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My name is Jim Black, I am from North Carolina in one of the larger towns, Charlotte. This experience as far as being in Puerto Vallarta for Hip Replacement has been absolutely great. Everything that was told by the management has happened, there has been really no disappointments what so ever. The value is probably one of the strongest selling points this company has, so I can say that if you’re looking for value, this is the company you want to do business with. I think you could really take it to the bank, I really do. They offer a level of service that I don’t think you will find anywhere else in this price range, feel free to contact me anytime I will be more than happy to talk one on one with anyone that this is a good company and that if you’re afraid or have any questions do your due diligence, you will find good value. The value in Mexico is second to none, the surgical care, the medical facilities are fantastic. So I would highly recommend you give them consideration, and if you’re looking for great doctors I have never had the experience with a doctor who is Dr. Greig. This guy has a passion for what he does, he is compassionate with the patients and the feeling with security and comfort is incredible, so I strongly encourage you to consider you using MedToGo.

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I just wanted to thank you and your Father Robert Page Sr. for recommending MedToGo for my hernia surgery in Puerto Vallarta which was as advertised.

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Rick Morrow - Inguinal Hernia Testimonial