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John Ruhe - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery – I found myself in a bad economy on health insurance and my hip was shot, I mean the poor thing was bone to bone. A friend of mine read in the paper somewhere that there was a company called MedToGo doing good work in Mexico for people in my situation , so I contacted them via the web.

Afterwards I was contacted by a friendly gentleman by the name of Robert Page. Robert was very informative and after some back and forth communication, he was more like a friend other than just a blaa blaa person on the other end of the line.

Robert suggested a number of well-qualified doctors within their group. I could also get more information about the doctors’ training, where they studied ect. I could also choose the area of Mexico that I wanted to get my total hip replacement. I choose Dr. Max Greig located in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This turned out to be the best choice for me.

I did my pre-op blood and x-rays here with my doctors and sent the results to Robert to forward to Dr. Max in Mexico. Following a review and okay, my wife and I flew to and landed in Puerto Vallarta on Saturday to meet with the doctor.

When we arrived, we were met by Dr. Max’s brother Alfred (administrator/director) who drove us to meet with Dr. Max for the pep talk and the rundown talk. Surgery was scheduled for Monday morning. Alfred showed us around town and took us shopping, after all we were staying for fourteen days. Alfred was there for everything. We have a timeshare, but accommodations are easy to find. MedToGo helped with this also.

The hospital was spotless, the staff was professional and very helpful and don’t worry, English is spoken by many. My surgery went with out a hitch and on Wednesday Alfred took me to my condo. I almost forgot to mention that I had a room to myself, TV in English and food that was as good and nutritious as my own at home.

Now included in this experience, for the remainder of my stay in this beautiful environment, my physical therapist came to my room regularly to work with me on my recovery. Yes, every three days the nurse comes to check and change your dressing. Talk about a great way to start your recovery. I was up and walking around town on Thursday. I didn’t need the pain meds I was given, what a hoot.

Dr. Max and his professional and caring staff made my hip surgery the best decision I could have ever made and also a great vacation. We made many friends in Puerto Vallarta and left feeling Max, Alfred and the staff were more like our friends than just people doing a job.

Robert, who started me on this journey, checks in on me all the time following me on my recovery. Wow! They didn’t just throw me out the door. They all truly care.

People that find themselves in this same spot really need to check MedToGo out, they’re affordable, professional, caring and you just can’t go wrong.


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