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Jon MacManus - Abdominal Hernia Repair Testimonial

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About seven years ago while camping in Utah, I noticed a bulge in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t feel it and at night it went away. I realized I had a hernia and after the initial shock it was easy to live with it since I really couldn’t feel any discomfort. As the years wore on however, not only did the bulge get larger, I did begin to feel some discomfort.

It this point I began to inquire about surgery. It is not an uncommon surgery and it was easy to find out from many others who had it how much they paid. I was getting figures anywhere from six to twelve thousand dollars. No matter how much I needed the surgery, it was just not in my budget and that is when I considered surgery abroad.

Scanning the internet one late night around midnight, I saw a MedToGo ad and sent an email inquiry. Imagine my surprise when moments later my telephone began to ring. That is when I met Robert Page. He began to tell me about having surgery in Mexico. “Wait a minute” I exclaimed, do you always call at 1:00 o’clock am? He said he couldn’t sleep and was checking his emails and mine had just come in, so he knew I was awake. Turns out that with Robert’s great personality and knowledge it was very easy to become friends over email and the telephone.

Robert is the son of another Dr. Robert Page who lives in Arizona. Dr. Page began to receive inquiries about out of country surgery and thought there could be a niche in the service of surgery abroad. His son took up the mission and as they say, the rest is history. Rather than to fly down to Mexico without knowledge of the business there it was more than comforting for me to have someone from the U.S. that I could understand explain the details and take me through it.

Up front, I was most impressed with the fact that before you go to Mexico to get your surgery you are required to undergo medical tests and get approval from your own doctor in the US. Through that process, I found out that I had certain complications that prevented me from having the surgery for a year until they were corrected. Once the approvals were obtained, I was required to pay for the surgery up front which stopped me in my track. After consideration and the relationship I developed with Robert, I did it.

Everything went without a hitch. My wife and I flew to Puerto Vallarta and took a two week vacation exploring the western part of Mexico. At the end of two weeks, I checked into a brand new Hospital in Puerto Vallarta and met a very smart and wonderful surgeon Dr. Joya, who had been trained in schools all over the world. Interestingly enough, Dr Page happened to be there at the same time and sat in on the surgery.

After three days laying on the beach in Vallarta, I was on the plane back home. A few weeks later, I received a letter from MedToGo with an invoice and a $300 check, change for overpayment. My surgery cost 25% to 30% of what it would have here in the US. If you need surgery, and would ask me what I think of having it in Mexico, I would say, what are you waiting for?

Jon MacManus
Salida, Colorado

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