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Joe Romero - ACL Testimonial

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ACL Surgery (Anterior cruciate ligament) – As a wife of a patient I felt compelled to write you and “THANK YOU” for a job well done. When we learned Joe had completely destroyed his ACL and would require ACL surgery I nearly lost it. We were told that the costs of the surgery to be performed in the US would be approx 25K to 40K I thought Joe was going to have to learn to live with the pain.

But during our visit with Dr. Robert Page he provided the option of traveling with MedToGo to Mexico to have the surgery. Not being familiar with Mexico and its medical treatments I was very reluctant. However knowing and trusting Dr. Page for the past four years of medically treating our family I knew he would not recommend this procedure if he himself would not do it.

We provided Med to Go with the MRI results and they handled the rest. MedToGo scheduled the surgeon, hospital and recovery. Dr. Page was there to provide support and assistance for whatever Joe needed.

As a mother of two and a working wife I was forced with a decision of not being able to be present for and after the surgery. Because of the trust I had in Dr. Page and MedToGo I was comforted by knowing Joe was in good hands. Joe had the surgery and recovered amazing. With very little scaring and complete mobilization of his left knee and ACL I “Thank you” for this. If you ever need my recommendation I would be delighted to offer!!

Nichole Romero

  • MedToGo on ABC News: (click link to view video and article) January 17, 2011 – ABC News interviews both Dr. Robert Page and Dr. Curtis Page as well as Joseph Romero, who had ACL surgery with MedToGo January 31, 2009 with MedToGo in Puerto Vallarta.

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