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J.R. Kelly - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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J.R. Kelly - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

About 6-7 years ago I had a slip and fall at home and injured my hip. I live on the east coast of Canada and although Healthcare is inclusive, certain things move very slowly. Three years of a limp, then a diagnosis determining that my hip needed replacing, we’re followed by another 3 years of waiting.

In July of 2014, my hip had deteriorated to the point where I had unbearable pain in every step. When I contacted my surgeon’s office, I was told that I needed a new referral from my physician (could take as much as 3 mths). I was then told the current wait list was close to 2 years.

At some point in your life, you decide that enough is enough! Enter Robert Page and Medtogo! Like many of my friends and family, I had heard about medical tourism. I hadn’t put much thought into it but everything would be on the table now. After some searching on the Internet, I ended up contacting Medtogo. Through email and a number of phone calls, Robert Page provided more and more information to me and continually put my mind at ease. I felt like they were holding my hand the whole way. He was always there to take a call or ease your latest fear.

After a lot of calls, talks with my own doctor and a lot of research, I booked a surgery date. That was to be September 18, 2014. In the meantime, there were many tests and x-rays and instructions to follow leading up to the date. Medtogo helped arranging accommodation, and transfers to and from the airport and hotel. They think of everything. I met with Dr. MAX Greig on the 17th of September. He is not only a very skilled and talented doctor but also a great person. I truly got the sense that he cared and wanted to help. His team was also very friendly helpful and upbeat. They love what they do.

My surgery was in Puerto Vallarta Mexico but everything was well planned, organized and there was no issue with the language. The CMQ Premiere hospital was nice, clean and the rooms were spacious and comfortable. Even the food in the hospital was good. I have had a half dozen surgeries in Canada in the past 10 years and in each case there were small problems like an infection or maybe a a small complication. The surgery in Mexico was the best surgical procedure I have ever had. I spent 2 nights in Hospital and then was released to my hotel for the duration. (17 more days)

After the Surgery, the hospital had arranged daily visits to the hotel by a physiotherapist (Adriana). I can’t say enough good about her as her therapy got me moving and stronger everyday. She is also really nice to deal with and knowledgeable. Dr. Oscar (part of the surgical team), came to my Hotel every 4th day to check on me and change my bandage. Dr. Max also called several times during my stay as well. I never felt out of the loop during the whole 20 days I was in Mexico. After a final checkup at Dr. Max’s office (Oct. 3), I was ready to fly home to Canada. I left on the 5th of October using only a cane and feeling much better.

I am pain free (hip pain) now for the first time in 6 years. I am still doing physio everyday and expect to lose the cane in the next month. I have been back to work for two weeks now and people are amazed at how well I am walking after a total hip replacement only 4 weeks ago. I am thrilled, I am amazed, I am thankful and I now have a better outlook on life.

Myths busted!
There were no hidden or surprise costs. Everything was as advertised or better.
The hospital was clean, up to date and state of the art!
Communicating in English was no problem

This was a great choice and I would do it again! I am 52 years old and I am roughly 90-95 lbs over weight. In Canada, I would be wait listed even longer as I am too young, I am too heavy and there are just too many people waiting. Two years would likely have been the best case scenario.

Thank you Dr. MAX.
Thank you Robert Page and Scott McConnell.
Thanks Adriana, Dr Oscar, Jackie, Alejandra and the whole team!

You have all made a great difference in my life!

J.R. Kelly
Nova Scotia, Canada

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I injured my hip when I was 14 yrs old and am now 44 yrs old. I finally had enough of the Canadian specialists refusing me surgery due to my age, even though x-rays clearly showed I was a candidate for a total hip replacement. I was tired of living in pain every day from the osteoarthritis in my hip so I got on the internet and through research found MedToGo and Robert Page. Through email and phone conversations we had I was confident that I found the right place.

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