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JT House - Gallbladder Testimonial

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JT House - Gallbladder Testimonial

Testimonial from Vickie House – the wife of Gallbladder patient, JT House.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Scott and Robert at MedToGo. I explored dozens of companies and was not impressed at all with most of them. I loved it that when I called the number on the MedToGo website an actual person answered right away. Scott explained the company philosophy and history to me and was extremely helpful and professional.

My husband was in need of emergency surgery and both Scott and Robert were great at getting everything arranged for us. All we had to do was purchase our airfare and they handled all of the other arrangements for us. There was a tiny moment of panic upon our arrival at our destination and Scott was available to help immediately and quickly resolved the situation. He and Robert both stayed in contact with us through the whole procedure and recovery time. And they have followed up with us several times during the five weeks since his surgery. This is personal attention beyond anything I could have hoped for.

The facilities were very clean and modern. The staff was caring and kind, not rushed and harried like we experience here in most US hospitals. The doctor was great, experienced and knowledgeable and very kind and considerate also. We have felt cared about and cared for every step of the way through one of the most difficult situations we have ever faced.

And then there’s the cost…… This surgery would have been about $45000 here in the US. The emergency room visit alone was $8000. And $8000 is what our entire trip to Mexico cost us; surgery, hospital, medications, doctors, nursing staff, airfare and lodging. I can’t imagine what we would have done without the considerate and empathetic help of Scott and Robert at MedToGo. I would never even think about using a different company.

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Adrienne Stinson - Gallbladder Testimonial