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Julee Scheidenhelm - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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Hysterectomy Surgery – Within 2.5 weeks of a diagnosis of ovarian teratoma I was scheduled for surgery at Hospital San Jose´, Hermosillo Mexico with both a Gynecological Surgeon and Oncologist awaiting my arrival.

2.5 days after a complete Hysterectomy Surgery revealing multiple uterine conditions, I returned to my hotel with minimal discomfort and thankfully cancer free. Upon Dr Gonzalez’ approval for car travel, we were back home in Mesa, AZ 4.5 days after my surgery.

The care and reassurance at Page Family Practice in neighboring Tempe, AZ, both pre-operative and post-operatively certainly solidified my trust in MedToGo International. However the short recovery time with minor scaring after a major surgery costing 1/10th the amount quoted stateside was the cake taker!

Thank you Robert Page of MedToGo International and Dr. Robert Page and staff.


Julee Scheidenhelm

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Janet Aluise - Hysterectomy Testimonial