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Julie H. - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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Dear MedToGo,

Hysterectomy Surgery – I would like to thank you for all the effort you put forth on my behalf through your wonderful MedToGo program. As one of the many uninsured in this country I thought I had no choice but to live with my condition. I was so relieved when I found your program and became aware that good health care can be affordable and safe, just in another country.

My Hysterectomy Surgery in Mexico went off without a hitch. I was treated wonderfully by Dr. Gonzalez and his staff, and also by the hospital nurses. The hospital itself was first class; new, clean and quiet. I had a single room with a great flat screen tv that had more English speaking channels than I have at home and the room was large enough that it had a sofa for family members to visit. Who could ask for better accommodations?

The Hysterectomy Surgery itself was laparoscopic and became more complicated than originally evaluated, it took 4 hours in OR. But amazingly I recovered so quickly that I was able to return to work within two weeks. Wow. If a woman has a need for a Hysterectomy Surgery I can think of no better place or doctor to do it.

Again I want to thank you for all your personal attention and follow up after my Hysterectomy Surgery, I was greatly relieved to receive such support and consideration from all involved with MedToGo.


Julie H.

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