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Kathy Henderson - Lap Band Testimonial

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My name is Kathy and I had my lap band surgery on Sept. 19, 2008 through MedToGo in Tijuana, Mexico. When it was suggested that I go to Tijuana for my surgery, my husband was, to say the least very apprehensive. He had lived in Mexico several years ago and thought I had lost my mind… After talking with Dr. Page and his staff, my husband agreed that WE would go to Tijuana. We decided to drive ourselves across the border as my husband had done this many times in the past. When we arrived at the hospital we both were immediately impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital and clinic grounds.

Upon entry to the hospital I thought we must be in an upscale US hospital. Actually it was cleaner and more modern than some US hospitals I have worked in. (I am in the medical field). We were immediately introduced to the MedToGo liaison and she brought me the remaining paperwork that I needed to complete. I had my labs drawn with minimal waiting time, even though I was 2 hours early for my appointment. (I was anxious to get there). As soon as my labs were drawn we were taken to my room, which was actually a suite. There were 2 rooms with a table and 4 chairs, a bath and a half and a couch/cot for my husband to sleep on as well as a modern hospital bed.

I met with the MD and PA as well as the Anesteologist and nurses in my room. The room was as clean and modern as the rest of the hospital. It had a large new TV with several English channels, Internet hookup and beautiful cabinetry.

The nurses were lacking in English and I was lacking in Spanish, but all the doctors and the PA spoke English. Everything that was going to happen to me was explained to both my husband and me. I felt very comfortable and was anxious to get this done.

My husband is not the patient kind of person and after I was taken to the operating room, he was kept informed as to my progress by the staff.

The operating room contained all modern equipment, including GE and Siemens which impressed me even more.

After the surgery I was taken back to my room where I was kept comfortable with pain meds and not once did I feel any discomfort.

I got up the next day and started walking around the hospital with my husband. We went out to the courtyard between the clinic and the hospital and witnessed staff everywhere cleaning. One lady was actually scrubbing the pillars in the courtyard. I thought to myself, you sure don’t see hospital staff in the US working this hard.

My only suggestions for anyone going to Tijuana is to take your own pillow (as mine was rather lumpy), your own washcloths (I couldn’t make the nurses understand washcloth and they kept bringing me towels), Personal bathing items, and slippers (I forgot mine and had to walk in my socks).

As I said in the beginning my husband was very skeptical before we got there but by the time we left, he had gone to the dental clinic to have his teeth cleaned and X-rayed and said he would definitely go back there for any surgery either of us would need.

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