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Kelley Griffin - ACL Repair Testimonial

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My name is Kelley Griffin. I’m from Wasilla, Alaska. ACL reconstructive surgery. I feel really good about having surgery in Mexico. This whole procedure has been smooth, just smooth, from start to finish. They even went out of their way [inaudible]. Sweet and smooth, easy. They meet you at the airport with a big name card. There was no language barrier. Most everybody is bilingual. I am not. I know the usual: “cerveza, baño,” but even people who are not bilingual, they got their message across and if not, they would ask someone to come in the room to translate. I have never felt so well taken care of. Absolutely I would do this again. In a heart beat I would do this again, and I would recommend it to anybody. Even if you have insurance I would recommend it. It’s that easy. There are no insurance hassles. It’s inexpensive, considering the normal alternatives.

From Kelly Griffin – August 7, 2013 (3 months post-op):

Hello Robert,

My knee is doing great. I am so thankful to have found your outfit and gotten it fixed so quickly and “painlessly”. I am nearly 100% range of motion. Kind of funny, I just noticed one day that I was bending my knee all the way without effort! I can’t express how grateful I am for your and Dr Grieg’s services!

Thanks again for all you do,


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