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Kelly Thigpen - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

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My name is Kelly Thigpen. I lived in Oregon when I had the surgery, and I went to Puerto Vallarta and had the surgery at Amerimed Hospital with Dr. Joya, and the surgery was the gastric sleeve, and I had it in November of 2012. My experience with Robert Page and MedToGo was more than I could have anticipated; Robert was there from day 1, giving me step-by-step instructions as to what I needed to do. It was easy. I felt confident and safe in my decision. Just the general aspect of everything going to Mexico was scary, but once I got down there, the facility was phenomenal; it was better than any facility I’d been in in the US. The care was outrageous; they cleaned your room twice a day, you definitely felt at home, the rooms were nice and comfortable.

So, my post-op experience was realizing that I needed the surgery. I am 30 years old and I was obese and my BMI was about 35%. I weighed 252 pounds when I went in for surgery. Now I am at 132. I lost 120 pounds in a year. It was a great decision; probably the best I’ve made in my life, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I feel better, I know I eat better. I know that it’s a lot easier to do things that I didn’t think were difficult before now are easy to do.

So, I am currently back in Mexico – in Puerto Vallarta, 1 year later. Due to the weight loss I am having some procedures done. I’m having a breast lift and augmentation. I’m having a tummy tuck and an arm sleeve. Due to the weight loss as much as I exercised, I still needed some extra assistance, but it’s all worth it. Robert helped me again through that process from the beginning, it’s been simple, easy. The hospital here at CMQ is fantastic. I’m having my surgery with Dr. Ceballos. I feel very confident he took the time to sit with me and talk to me about any questions and concerns, and I’m ready to do my surgery tomorrow.

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At the end of May, 2013, with the great help from MedToGo International, I flew to Puerto Vallarta to begin a new life. I was not disappointed. Dr. Joya and his staff were amazing. All my questions concerning the surgery were answered and information about diet and exercise after surgery was easy to understand and follow. I felt confident and relaxed for my surgery.

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