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Lauren Schmeits - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery – To Whom It May Concern,

I started looking at having total hip replacement surgery about January 2010 and began searching the internet when it became obvious that I would not be able to afford to have surgery stateside. I found MedToGo.com and another company of which Robert Page at MedToGo was the only company which responded to me in a timely manner. Robert gave me all the details to the questions I asked, gave me supporting material to which I could refer, and also was willing to set up phone conferences with any Doctor or Doctors to whom I wanted to personally speak.

Once I had completed due diligence, was completely satisfied that all the information Robert provided was correct and accurate, and when I was physically ready to have total hip replacement surgery, I began the process of getting ready for the operation through MedToGo. The MedToGo protocol and procedures ultimately leading to surgery is easy; Robert walked me through the process every step of the way. I tele-conferenced with the Doctor in Puerto Vallarta and felt extremely comfortable that I would receive excellent care.

Robert Page, MedToGo Coordinator
Robert is an extremely professional, detailed and organized individual. He has an extensive knowledge base of medical tourism, how it works and provides proof on how MedToGo is the best! He is very customer service and courtesy minded. My experience indicates that he has high expectations for excellence for himself and for those to whom he does business. Robert has done well living up to those standards and I have benefitted greatly.

I was lucky in that at the time my total hip replacement surgery was conducted, his family was on business in Puerto Vallarta. Robert’s father, Dr. Page was actually doing his yearly inspection of the hospital facility and yearly evaluation of the Doctors in that area, so he was in the surgery with Dr. Greig, my doctor.

Speaking of the Doctors in the area: Robert and Dr. Page wrote a book for Medical Tourism, which is currently used and promoted by the Mexican Government. It lists most every doctor, where they are, what they specialize in, as well as other pertinent data which anyone having international medical procedures would want to know. I found it very helpful as well as interesting.

CMQ Premier Hospital, The Facility
The hospital to which I had surgery, CMQ Premier, was like walking into Architectural Digest! Just beautiful! And very clean! My family worried about all kinds of issues regarding having an operation in another country, including sanitation. In every aspect, their worries were for naught, because the facility, the Doctors, the Nurses, the Technicians, the Physical Therapist, absolutely EVERYONE was professional, kind, engaging, respectful and caring. The hospital was excellent; I had what would be in the US, a suite. I really don’t believe that I would have had anywhere near the same experience in the US unless I was a celebrity!

Dr. Greig, Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Greig was just wonderful. He actually gave me his personal cell phone number and advised me to contact him for anything I needed. His exact words were: “We are your family here in Vallarta, until we release you to your family at home. Of course if you need something we are here for you”. And he was! I want to mention, at this point that I am no one special; I am not a celebrity of any sort or an official of any importance. This is just how Dr. Greig and his staff treat people!

The Total Hip Replacement Surgery
The operation went off without a hitch! Dr. Greig is very particular about the equipment and the prostheses he uses, probably to the dismay of most device providers. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that the devices used will fit and be of maximum benefit even if he has to use part of one with part of another to ensure success! He took me through the operation every step of the way and answered fully any questions myself or my husband had. I was on my feet the very next day and began working with the physical therapist. The next day I returned to our condo and the nurse and the physical therapist came about every other day.

Alfred Greig, Medical Liaison in Puerto Vallarta
Alfred provides services for the medical arm of the visit. He and his assistant Ellie liaised with Robert, providing services such as delivering us to and from the airport, taking us to Doctor Visits at the hospital as well as to and from the surgery. They anticipated our needs and provided many resources to us. Alfred and Ellie offered many kindnesses and acts of generosity that we will never forget! We felt very well cared for by them as well as from MedToGo with Robert following up with us frequently.

In summary, my experience with MedToGo, with their service providers and with Robert has been exemplary and enjoyable! Since I have been home I have heard of three cases of staff infection, involving total hip replacement, at what is purported to be a premier local hospital! My medical issues indicate that I will require more surgeries and medical attention. I have already begun the process of planning future operations through MedToGo and with Robert Page. I move forward with MedToGo with confidence that I will get the best possible medical care at the most reasonable prices with the very best Doctors available!


Lauren Schmeits

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