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Lee Harris - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

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Hi! My name is Lee. I am at 29 year old male that has always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. I am currently a Special Education teacher and working on my master’s degree in the mental health field. At the height of my obesity (around age 18) I was 313 pounds. My weight fluctuated but my average was about 290. A little over a year ago I got fed up with the struggle and decided to make a major life change with gastric sleeve surgery through MedToGo and Dr. Joya and couldn’t be happier with the results.

From the age of 4 I have always been considered overweight. That is not surprising considering most of my family is in the same predicament. Both sets of my grandparents have passed because of medical complications due to their weight. My dad also has medical complications from the same things. My story was beginning to take the same shape as theirs. At the age of 20 I was diagnosed with hypertension and hypoglycemia. My doctor immediately medicated my high blood pressure. This brought along a lot of emotions with it considering I had just started my 20’s and was prescribed the same medication as people twice my age.

From the age of 18, I tried many different avenues to lose weight. I tried Weight Watchers, New Mayo Clinic Diet, Atkins, and many other diets but I always got the same results. I would start the program with fidelity and lose about 40 to 60 pounds then become frustrated that I would hit a plateau in my weight loss and quit. When I would quit the same eating behaviors would return and I would balloon back up to around 290. The most success I had with weight loss was taking a prescribed weight loss medication around the age of 27. I used the medication for almost 2 years and counted my calories religiously. Also, the medication would give me massive amounts of energy. Enough so that I took up running. I was running 3 miles a day Monday – Friday and 6 miles on Saturday. Toward the end of the two years the same thing happened. I hit a plateau at 220, moved, didn’t have access to the medication, and ballooned back up to 290 pounds.

I spent the next two years yo-yoing between 280 and 290 pounds. My doctor was lecturing me about how I was a walking heart-attack. It was infuriating. I tried old habits (running, lifting weights, walking, riding my bike) and none of it worked. I had hit a wall. I had just about given in to dying at a young age when a family friend told me about MedToGo International. He had gastric bypass with Dr. Joya and was very successful with it. About a month later I finally contacted them but still wasn’t sure about going to a foreign country and receiving surgery from a doctor I hadn’t met. MedToGo provided me with information about Dr. Joya and I researched his professional history online and continued to consult with MedToGo for about 6 months before I decided that surgery with Dr. Joya was right for me.

After deciding to go ahead with gastric sleeve surgery I realized I was embarking upon an entirely new journey and I wanted to be prepared. MedToGo made it so easy for me to schedule and plan for the excursion to Mexico. They had it all laid out for me and if I ever had any questions for them they were an e-mail or a phone call away. They were fantastic!

Being a student in a mental health profession I also knew the importance of preparing my mind for the change by body was about to go through. I spent the 2 months before surgery reading and preparing myself for the life change I was about to go through. The most helpful information I came across was from the book, Weight Loss Surgery Workbook: Deciding on Surgery, Preparing for the Procedure, and Changing Habits for Post-Surgery Success, by Doreen Samelson. This book presented deciding, preparing, and changing habits through the eyes of 4 different people (or cases). This was helpful because anyone will resonate with one or more of the people in the book. I was able to read how they reacted to the situation which allowed me to prepare myself.

Needless to say the day I walked into Amerimed Hospital I was ready for the journey ahead of me. Today I am before you with the conviction that surgery was the best decision I ever made for myself and MedToGo made it all possible. They day of surgery I was 290.5 pounds and today I am 225! I am no longer diagnosed with hypertension or hypoglycemia and I am 1 BMI point away from no longer being considered obese for the first time since I was 4 years old! I owe it all the wonderful people at MedToGo for making access to the medical procedure I needed easy and affordable.

Thank you MedToGo!

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Aloha! I am 44 years old and last year, I decided to have a gastric sleeve procedure by Dr. Joya in Puerto Vallarta. I was excited and slightly scared, but I can tell you it was a life changing experience.

I started this adventure at 174 pounds and today, one year, one month and 3 days later, I am 114 pounds.

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