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Linda Sharpe - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

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Total Knee Replacement – Linda Sharp Video Testimonial

Hello, I am Linda Sharpe. I am from Edmonton, Alberta Canada and I have just had surgery in Puerto Vallarta with Dr. Max Greig. It was a great experience, I can’t say enough good about the hospital, the staff, or the doctors. The whole system they had in place was just absolutely excellent. I really enjoyed the nurses, the doctors were just awesome. They were extremely non-invasive but they were their every time you needed them and you could always reach people which was something I was quite concerned about before we came here, was whether or not we would be able to have English access easily. That was a really nice surprise we just picked up the phone and there was always somebody that we could talk to.

Two days after surgery, so 48 hours later I was released. I was able to walk a little bit with a walker, mostly relied on a wheel chair, by the end of that day I was walking more with the walker and less with the wheel chair unless it was far distances. Every day since then I have been able to walk further and further with the [walker]. The most surprising part of this whole experience is there is no doubt there is going to be pain, but it was a lot less pain then ever expected it would be and a lot less pain then friends of mine who went through this exact same surgery at home, they were in much worse shape than I was. I think it has a lot to do with the beautiful scenery, the water, as well as the method they used to deal with pain in the hospital, all of that attributed to it and of course lots of prayer. Those were all the things that made my recovery as I am only on day six but certainly I am well into recovery.

I’m looking forward to gardening, walking, dancing those are the things I want to be able to do again. MedToGo International I would probably say was a ten out of ten, they were able to answer questions whenever I phoned and I did, I phoned often. I had little quirky things because I’m from Canada just little things like getting wires of money across. MedToGo just kind of walked me through the process and helped me through all that. It was an excellent company to deal with all the way around.

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Mark Sawko - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial