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Lynn Kimbell - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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Lynn Kimbell - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

I was quietly sitting in the lobby of the hospital while my daughter, Kelly Thigpen, was going over her post-op. As usual I was working my word puzzle book when this man floated through and said there is a word. When I looked up the first thing I noticed was his hair, then his height and then I think he had on a lab jacket. A few moments later Robert Page showed up to tell me that Dr. Max Greig would be able to see me at 7 that evening. Now I don’t know about you but how often have you gotten in to see a specialist in less than 6 weeks much less 6 hours. Hello! Welcome to Mexico!! About two minutes later that friendly gorgeous man came in and Robert introduced him—— Dr. Max Greig!!! OMG!!!!! Not only personality, brains, looks but such a kindred spirit who truly cares. I have never been so impressed with everything.

The hospital, you could eat off the floor it was so clean. The only barrier was language but some of that was myself for I didn’t know Spanish. This has been resolved with a hand held translator. How far back do you have to go to remember when a doctor made a house call? Not true in Mexico! They not only make house calls for check-ups but they pick you up for in hospital visits. Just how many times have you seen an American hospital use some equipment, such as a walker or such, for free. When I think of that song “ Only In America” I think of a lot of different things.

MedToGo International is a wonderful company to work with. they will book everything for you or whichever part you want. Also, they will tell you which is the best country for which type of surgery you are needing. They keep in touch long after your procedure to make sure all is going well. I hope to have at least one more procedure if my health is up to it. This factor added to my secure feelings with them for they will not do a surgery if they feel there are any doubts on the out come. This gave me even more confidence that they aren’t just money hungry. They also are very hands on and personable, how many Dr’s give you a hug or a ride in their private car. NOT IN AMERICA FOR SURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mark Flatebo – Total Hip Replacement Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Tourism Facilitator in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Mark Flatebo - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial