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M. Woodson. - Rotator Cuff Surgery Testimonial

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M. Woodson. - Rotator Cuff Surgery Testimonial

August 17, 2015 (9 months post-op)

So here’s my story about the experience I had with my procedure. I apologize for the length but there is no way we could describe it. I realized there was an issue with my shoulder one day and being self employed I knew I was in trouble by not having any insurance. I knew that a lot of Americans go across the border for dental work so I figured there had to be a solution for me. I googled Mexico health care and right off the bat I found MedToGo. This all started on a Sunday so I was sure no one would answer calls but still I made an attempt. Sure enough no answer so I left a message and within 15 minutes Robert Page had called back. He informed me that I needed an MRI. We scheduled an MRI and had the results returned to Robert and within a few days had a response from an orthopedic surgeon. Now mind you all this started around Nov 1 and now we are about the tenth. Robert provided me with all the details and prices upfront and was very helpful answering all my questions. So we reserved our flight and resort package and then it all set in. I was scared senseless. Even with the fact that I grew up in south Texas, I had never seen Mexico and with all the horror stories you hear, never wanted to. On the plane and off we go. On Nov 20 we landed in Mexico around 7:30 pm and went straight to the hospital where we met with the surgeon and his staff. That was really strange only because now it was about 8pm, and what Dr have you ever met that worked this late. Apparently good ones. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. Arrived at 7am and by 10 pm we were released and headed for the hotel. Just to keep everyone that is still reading this interested I will leave out a lot from our trip but still want everyone to know that this was the best experience I’ve had in my life. We were out on the beach the next morning and traveling all over Puerto Vallarta for the next 6 days. The locals took great care of us wherever we went and you could tell that they were pleased to do so. Well here we are 10 months later and with a perfect recovery I am back to work and back to fire fighting. I wish I could explain in detail about our entire experience but I assure you it would take a book. We loved the entire experience and will return to Mexico very soon. I highly recommend this to anyone needing health care and with Med to Go along your side I’m sure you would be pleased also. Throughout the entire ordeal I felt that we received better care than we would have in states.

M. Woodson

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