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Marcia Davis - Shoulder Dislocation Surgery Testimonial

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My name is Marcia Davis, and I’m from Bartow, Florida. I had my unstable shoulder completely repaired. It’s been popping out and dislocating for years, and it was completely repaired. I teach swimming for a living, and it would dislocate while I’m swimming, working, changing clothes. It was really effecting my life.

As a sole proprietor of my business buying health insurance in the states is just too expensive, so I’ve been going without health insurance for some time, and when I looked into getting the surgery back home, it was in excess of $25,000. I work by myself, I couldn’t afford that.

My boyfriend said, well, let’s look into another country. Why not? And we didn’t ever know about medical travel, so we found MedToGo online, spoke to them, and they were “Johnny on the spot”, very professional, called me back immediately, and [unlike] the US, they give you an amount – here’s what this costs, here’s what this procedure costs, you know there’s a little window. The service was amazing.

We looked at Dr. Max’s credentials, which were amazing. We didn’t find any doctors that came close to his credentials.

We also looked at the area, it’s beautiful. We looked into the hospital. Everything just looked picturesque. What a great place to heal. The beach is beautiful. Everything is affordable here. Dinner is affordable. Drinks are affordable. The hotel is nice. I can’t say anything bad.

From Marcia Davis, July 8, 2013 (almost 5 months post-op)

Hi Robert, funny…I was just thinking of contacting you. I am wonderful and my shoulder is 100% :) I am swimming daily, no pain, no worries of dislocation and very happy I chose MedToGo for my surgery. Please tell Dr. Greig I think he is a wonderful surgeon and I appreciate all everyone has done.

Thank you for checking in on me. :) Take care, best regards,

Marcia Davis

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