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Marian Crocker - Hiatal Hernia Repair Testimonial

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Hiatal Hernia Repair Surgery – My experience with MedToGo International was fantastic. I had my Hiatal Hernia Repair Surgery in January of this year, 2010. I must admit, I was a little scared to go to another country to have surgery and a lot of people thought I was out of my mind. But I was in so much pain I felt I really had no choice . Since I did not have insurance, there was no way I could afford to get my surgery here in the states.

I am so glad I made the right choice. MedToGo reassured me I would be in the best hands possible and I was for sure. Even landing in the airport was a great experience. I was greeted and taken right to my hotel. The hotel was gorgeous and the all the hotel staff was very helpful. Everyone was so friendly! That makes things so much nicer when you’re a little scared!

I met my doctor who gave me some pre-tests and blood work to make sure I was in great shape for the surgery the day after I arrived. I had my hiatal hernia repair surgery the next day. Dr. Joya was so kind and he also reassured me all would be ok. He explained everything in great detail; what was going to happen to me and I relaxed. The nurses were so attentive. The hospital was so clean! I was so impressed!

The day of my hiatal hernia repair surgery went so well I was walking a few hours after. I only had to stay in the hospital 1 day since I was doing so well.

I had an allergic reaction to the anti-biotic I was taking (just a minor skin break out) and the doctor actually came to the hotel to see me! That was so nice of him to do that.

If anyone is needing surgery and cannot afford it in the states, I highly recommend MedToGo. They help you every step of the way and only have the very best doctors and staff taking care of you. It has been four months since my Hiatal Hernia Repair Surgery and I still get follow up calls to make sure everything is ok with me.

I feel wonderful now and I am so happy I made the right decision. I cannot thank Robert Page, Dr. Page, Dr. Joya, Dr. Espinosa, and all the wonderful, caring staff of the hospital enough for their great care!

Marian Crocker

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About seven years ago while camping in Utah, I noticed a bulge in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t feel it and at night it went away. I realized I had a hernia and after the initial shock it was easy to live with it since I really couldn’t feel any discomfort. As the years wore on however, not only did the bulge get larger, I did begin to feel some discomfort.

It this point I began to inquire about surgery.

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