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Mary D - Facelift and Armlift Testimonial

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Hello, I’m [Mary D]. I heard about MedToGo several years ago when I was checking for a friend of mine who had a hernia, a very difficult hernia and he had no insurance. So I checked around and found MedToGo and Stephanie Brewer at the time helped me out with the coordination and everything. I came down as a companion and helped him and the surgery went fantastic, still doing good two years later, in fact he will be coming down the second part of my stay here to take care of me as I did for him at the beginning of his surgery.

I am very pleased with what I had done and what I had done was a facelift, this is the next day. I had a facelift from the chin area, and maybe the doctor can help a little bit with some of the questions, and also my arms too, what my girlfriends call batwings, so we got rid of these batwings. I am pleased with MedToGo, as I said I witnessed it a couple years ago first hand, and since I have been laid off of work and I moved, and many other things I figured this was probably the best thing to help boost my moral. I am familiar with Mexico quite a bit having traveled here about every two weeks for about five years, either Mexico city, Guadalajara, or Monte Ray and I thought since they were here and I have been here before, I would come back to Puerto Vallarta.

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MedToGo International is a wonderful company to work with. they will book everything for you or whichever part you want. Also, they will tell you which is the best country for which type of surgery you are needing. They keep in touch long after your procedure to make sure all is going well. I hope to have at least one more procedure if my health is up to it. This factor added to my secure feelings with them for they will not do a surgery if they feel there are any doubts on the out come. This gave me even more confidence that they aren’t just money hungry.

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